Beat The Clock 2017

Beat The Clock February 27-March 3 2017

We ask all of our guests that plan to participate in Beat the clock to have all booking information ready (name, address, ages of guests, club yogi number if applicable, credit card details). All bookings must be paid in full at time of reservation, we are unable to make any exceptions to this rule with our new software program. 2 reservation maximum per call. If a specific site number or cabin number is chosen a locking fee will need to be paid, otherwise you will be assigned a random number on arrival date of the site/cabin type that was reserved (cabins-$15, sites-$5). Please see other exclusions listed in above chart. Beat the clock rates/reservations will not be accepted for online reservations, email messages, voicemails or walk ins.

If you should have any questions on how Beat the Clock works, please call our office in advance so a representative may explain it to you in more detail.