Name That Theme Weekend

Thank you to all of our wonderful participants for the "theme weekend" contest.  Although many of the suggestions we got were really exciting, we found that many of them are weekends that are very similar to themes that we have tried in the past, or we currently do as part of a weekend theme.  Some of the ideas that were new and creative, didn't fit logistically with the time of year in which we need to replace a weekend.  Therefore, we collectively decided that "All things Apples" weekend would tie into our first "Fall Harvest Weekend" and is therefore our contest winner for the best new theme idea.  We are going to continue our "Name that Theme weekend contest" though and everyone pick from the three weekends below to fill our weekend for the second weekend in July!  Please cast your votes through Facebook, though we will accept them by email for those people without Facebook as well.  Each guest get's one vote!  Happy voting!

The theme weekend to be replaced is the second weekend in July (replacing sports/olympics/relay for the records weekend)

1) "JELLYFEST" (thought this might be cool cause it's during summerfest-even though we don't get THAT many people in for that)If you enjoy festivals such as "summerfest" or just love music, this is the weekend for you!  Enjoy playing name that song (tune), karaoke, sing-a-long karaoke contest(like the singing bee) where you have to know the words as you are signing! Play fun games like musical dots, campfire sing alongs, DJ, Best Impersonation contest where you can dress and lip sing as your favorite star (such as Elvis, Dolly Parten, etc). Participate in a guitar hero contest or Rockband.  If you took "Jellyfest" literally, we will have something for you too.  Make your own Jelly artwork, Participate in a Jellybean taste testing contest and enjoy a "" hair style contest and much more!

2)"MARDI GRAS"  We might not be that far south, but it doesn't mean we don't know how to "parade" around our southern charm.  Decorate your Golf Carts and Bicylcles and then drive through the campground for a Parade!  Enjoy Making Mardi Gras masks and then participating in Candy Bar Horse Races. Make bead necklaces, or a mardi gras party hat.  Tye dye your own pillowcase with none other than Gold, Purple and Green. Dresss up in your best mardi gras garb and before we name the "king" and "Queen" that get to ride in the parade. Get your Face painted ($), make your own marshmallow camper craft and lots of other fun and exciting things.

3)"SUPERHEROES" See if you can bring out the true superhero in you for the weekend and try to save "damsel in distress" during our scavenger hunt.  Bring your cape along (a sheet/towel/anything you wish) and we will have craft glue and lots of fun other things to decorate them with.  Dress up like your favorite super hero!  Of course our super heroes have to be strong so your endurance and strength will be tested through lots of fun games.  Enjoy some of your favorite superhero movies at the theatre that can inspire you to make your own superhero mask at crafts!  You will also enjoy teaming up with friends to make your own creative "superhero vehicle" with supplies we will provide!

We will be announcing prizes for the winner and for all participants upon completion of voting on October 6!!